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8th August 2007

4:59pm: I hope that, among other things, when I'm an old lady I still have good friends to go out to lunch with.

23rd April 2007

2:34am: UGH, I cannot focus on school.
Current Mood: frustrated

5th April 2007

10:31pm: Um, it is snowing. I'm not really ok with that. Not gonna lie. Monday it was 84 degrees, and I wore a sundress. Today it was about 38, and I wore tights under my jeans. *sigh* I may have to take back what I said about not pulling my coat back out if it's as cold tomorrow as it is now. At least it'll be a tad warmer in LR.
Current Mood: sleepy and cold

24th March 2007

7:54pm: I went looking for a particular book today and ended up with something completely different, go figure. But they didn't have the one I was looking for, so I just looked around. Now, usually, if I pick up a cook book with few or mediocre pictures, I immediately put it back down, but I found this one vegetarian one, and the recipe on the first random page I flipped to was totally something I'd want to eat. BUT, Oh my gosh, there are NO pictures in this book at all! So I hesitated and looked at some other books, but I kept coming back to this one and flipping through and finding yummy things, so I broke down and spent the whopping 8 dollars. Then when I came home, I read probably half of the recipes, and I'm excited to try them.

So guess what I had for dinner? A peanut butter and raspberry preserves sandwich on a wheat bun, because we have no other bread.
Très gourmet, no?

1st February 2007

10:55am: SNOW DAY! Twice in one school year, Crazy!
Current Mood: still sickish, but chipper!

31st January 2007

2:35pm: Hmm, I have this really annoying, uncontrollable ticky cough that, and my voice is sort of coming and going. Normally, I'd ignore this completely and assume that it would go away, because I'm averse to admitting sickness (I'll go days with a headache before I take something). However, my mom had basically the same thing going on for a few weeks (hence where I got the ignore-it gene), and now she has an upper respiratory infection. Yeah. So I should probably go see someone. 
Otherwise, it's snowing!!! It's not supposed to stop for the next few days. And it's freezing outside, but the pretty overrules that. : ) The Springdale public schools closed at 1, so who knows about tomorrow for Fayetteville. I really don't have any particular desire to miss class tomorrow. I like my Thursdays. If anything, I'd have wanted fewer classes today. Ah, well.
Current Mood: a little tired

16th January 2007

9:46am: You know what I LOVE? Getting up for an 8 o'clock class and being let out after 21 minutes. HOWEVER, I just found out that 2 classes I didn't think about before count toward the 40 hour rule for graduation! WOOOT!
Current Mood: chipper

15th January 2007

10:56pm: Scheduling is exhausting.
Current Mood: My brain hurts.

13th January 2007

2:51am: Hmm, almost done packing. I hope we make it back to Fayetteville without any delays or wreckage. Fingers crossed, and pray for sun.

Oh! And I had a little scare today...I had a doctor's appointment, just a check up sort of, because I've had a wierd back thing, but anyway, I went to the place my mom goes, since I've outgrown my other doctor, so they had to do all the standard height/weight mess, and the nurse read my height, "Okay...4'8"..." So I'm like, "HOLD up," only really I just said, "You mean 4'11"???" And she goes, "Oh wait, yeah...I read had the thing in the wrong place," whatever that means. I don't really care as long as it means that I DIDN'T shrink 3 inches. LORD.

12th January 2007


Money is stupid. I hate that I have to have it, because I don't want it for it's own sake, but in order to do anything or be at all independent I HAVE to have it. AHHHH!! And I keep having to spend what little I have on random things that come up, which makes it almost impossible to save anything...I just feel like I don't have control over my own spending.

Current Mood: frustrated

1st January 2007

4:51pm: Boooo Wisconsin!

(But thanks for the cheese. I cannot lie. That 6 year cheddar is pretty great.)

23rd December 2006

11:26pm: It's almost Christmas! Yay!
I spent most of the day in the kitchen making the cream cheese braids that we pass out (and eat!) every Christmas and doing stuff for dinner.
Allison's birthday is tomorrow, but we had her party tonight as opposed to the usual Christmas eve afternoon thing, and we're all disoriented now and keep thinking tomorrow is Christmas. I can't believe she'll be 20 in 2 hours. I already gave her her present-an iTrip. She was happy about it, but I'm going to have to teach her to put music on her iPod that she got last year first. But anyway, the new thing at family gatherings is trying to get me to drink, so one of the first things my aunt Mary Lou did when she got here was to inform me that my aunt Jeanine is bringing mimosas on Monday. I was like, "Oh? Maybe I'll have one..." Then, as soon as someone else walked in the room, she's all, "Sarah's going to have a mimosa at Christmas!" thoroughly embarrassing her own daughter. Ha! Lord. It's not that big a deal, but I guess it is since I'm the only legal "child" in the family, plus my family is just silly and makes a big deal out of everything. But hey, mimosas are good.

Oh yeah! We had some Lovely water damage for breakfast! We've had some plumbing issues, (pleasant, right?) and water was backing up behind our washing machine. So my dad, Mr. Fix-It, who really does know what he's doing most of the time, listened to his dad who told him to pour ACID!! down some pipe to clear it...I don't know what that did, but this morning my dad and Papa (his dad) were going to go to Sam's -and the two of them doing something like that together is completely random- and right before they were going to leave, my dad went downstairs and there was water all over the carpet in front of the bathroom and laundry room and inside both. Of course Papa heads down there ,and they have a nice exchange (by which I mean two simultaneous lectures) concerning the EXACT cause of this, what should be done, blah blah blah. That was fun and more drawn out than I care to write about, but people were called, and things were fixed and didn't cost a million dollars, so we can run water and what not. Yeah, that would have been a bummer.
Current Mood: good, but tired

11th December 2006

7:46pm: So, Allison has once again ruined the surprise of her birthday present. I always want to get her something that I think of on my own that she hasn't asked for, and this year -MONTHS ago- I decided to get her an iTrip, because I know she'd use it but wouldn't get it for herself. Today, she told me that yesterday, she called our dad and told him that that's what she wanted for Christmas. BOOO! I guess I should feel good that I know her well enough to know what she wants before she does, but I WANTED IT TO BE A SURPRISE!!! and she ALWAYS does this!
Current Mood: annoyed, but DONE WITH FINALS

10th December 2006

11:18pm: 'curiouser and CURiouser'
Has anyone ever used the VERY intriguing "Name Your Own Price" feature on Priceline.com?  I put in $1 for a round-trip ticket, and it came up with a price of $46.25 to which I can (and would) add $15 trip protection that seems to cover an unbelievable amount of things. Hmm...

*You can see how focused I am on preparing for my last impending final.
Current Mood: dreamy and far-sighted

1st December 2006

9:31am: The University is CLOSED!!! They never close the University! Seriously, it hasn't happend in something like 25 years. Teachers will sometimes cancel their classes and what not, but whoa. I wonder what made it different, because there's been some sort of winter weather mess every year that I've been here...

I just hope they'll still feed us, shoo........t. ;)
1:26am: Winterrrrrr!!!!
The weather outside is most definitely NOT frightful!  I think snow is absolutely beautiful, and although I cannot feel my fingers (which is a testament to my marvelous typing skills, no?) or ears whatsoever, the walk was totally worth it!  People are sledding and running around...I love how everyone turns into little kids with the first flakes!  There will be lots of class skipage tomorrow.  Not by me, of course, because I'm a goody-goody, and I just can't do it. Usually.

Winter means the semester's almost over, AND it's almost CHRISTMAS!

Current Mood: chipper, yet unproductive

30th November 2006

11:29pm: Oye. I have so much to do. Why am I not doing it? That IS the question.
Current Mood: sleepy and winter weathery

11th November 2006

6:47pm: It's really annoying to feel judged as a human being for not wanting to go to games. I'm sorry that I don't want to stand in line for 8 hours to stand in a stadium for 3 or 4 more in the cold all the while not being able to see what's going on.

8th November 2006

2:01am: The "Hungry Detective" is in Manhattan eating at Bleeker St. Pizza. One of you NYers mail me a pizza for real, ok? Thanks.
Current Mood: hungry for pizza

7th November 2006

5:55pm: I overdrew from my checking account for the first time ever. What a milestone. I forgot to enter a check, and apparently, that'll do it. Go me. BOO!

I have 4 tests this week (one tomorrow, two Thursday, one by Friday), one next week, and I also have a paper thing due next week and the week after, but I SHOCKINGLY feel unmotivated to prepare for any of these things. Hmm. Granted, I'm really only worried about one of the 2 tests on Thursday. That and being prepared for my jury the first week of December, which I know will come extrememly quickly. Anyway, that was kind of random. And pretty much it. Bye!
Current Mood: oh, you know, fine

20th October 2006

11:16pm: Hmmm...

19th October 2006

7:36pm: This week has not been fun, I won't lie, but it's almost over, so that is very good. I was hoping that I'd get to see "Running With Scissors" this weekend, since it comes out tomorrow, but I'm pretty sure that no theatre in stupid Fayettville is playing it. Poo. I think I'm going to go to at least part of the game with my roommate tomorrow, though, which should be fun if it's nice outside. Honestly, I've pretty much decided that I don't particularly enjoy going to them in general, but if there are good people it can be okay, and I haven't really hung out with V in a while.
So Developmental Psych. cracks me up, 'cause it's pretty much a TMI sharing session for half the class. There's a pretty big hand full of people in there that have families/kids, so our teacher will ask open ended questions (really intended for anyone) like, "So do any of you guys have feelings/opinions/experiences with this topic...?" and I can certainly appreciate and find something interesting in the experiences of others and what not, but these people will LAUNCH into long, drawn out dialogues about their children and personal lives. We wrote a response paper (that was due today) to an article that was really an essay, but whatever, about a mother who loved her husband more than she loved her children and all of her conflicting feelings about that...One guy, for example, that is always telling us about his 3 year old son shared today that he is getting a divorce, because he and his soon to be ex-wife had the opposite "problem," in that his wife has become so absorbed in their child that he (the husband) has been pushed to the side and neglected. I don't want to make light of his situation or anything, because I'm sure it's difficult, but how should we, the rest of the class (or the teacher who he is basically speaking directly to!), respond to this? Does he expect a reaction? Really, it can just be uncomfortable to know things like that about people that are essentially strangers. Like, we got out of class early, and I went to get coffee, and this guy had the same idea apparently. Anyway, I don't think he'd recognize me, because he sits in the very front, but it would be kind of awkward if he did, cause it's like, "Hey...I don't know you, but I know a lot about your life...I'm sorry about your divorce..." I don't know. And that's the least of it. That falls under the category of TMI for sure but was still relevant, which is more than can be said for the memoirs recited by some of the other people in the class. It's really all more amusing than anything else, and I'm kind of used to having random people tell me personal things anyway, ha!, because apparently there's something about me that causes people to spill. I don't know. It's funny.
Current Mood: tired

12th October 2006

I have been SO lazy this week, you wouldn't BELIEEEVE! I hardly do. Seriously, the only mildy productive things I remember doing: Sunday/Monday practing for my Monday afternoon Master Class and buying vitamins yesterday to appease my mother.

Tomorrow I have Theory hw to turn in that I have yet to do, I have a voice lesson that I feel only somewhat ready for (I don't really know my French...), I have to take my sight-singing test (which I haven't practiced for yet), AND I have a "choir test." EEEeeek! Surprisingly enough, I'm not that stressed at the moment. To quote someone very wise, "I've sort of graduated from the class of giving a crap..." Haha, at least that's the general feeling right now.
Current Mood: laaaaaaaaazzzzzzzzyyyyy

10th October 2006

5:00am: ahhh!
Allrecipes.com revamped, and it's freaking me out! It's been the same for, like, 5 years!
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